Pratt-Markham House and Property

(Extracted from research done by four U of A students – Alfred Crozier, Robert Hess, Tommy Jameson, David Perry - for their Historic...

‘Man Outside’ Movie on Markham Hill

‘Man Outside’, originally called ‘Solitary Man’, is a modestly budgeted independent romance-thriller made and set in rural Arkansas.

The Short Life of Gay Pratt Markham

Gay Pratt Markham was the only child of D. H. and Joy Pratt Markham. He was born in March 1928, grew up on Markham Hill (Hilltop), and...

Gay Day Camp on Markham Hill

The camp program is based on building a home in the woods, and day campers participate in many activities related to this theme.

Pratt Place-Markham Camp

The campgrounds covered forty-six acres, with a camp for boys in a western meadow and a camp for girls in an eastern meadow.

"The Hobby She Rides Is Horses"

(Copied from a 1941 article in the local newspaper about Joy Pratt Markham and her love of horses.) Listen Here The hobby that Joy Pratt...