The Short Life of Gay Pratt Markham

Gay Pratt Markham was the only child of D. H. and Joy Pratt Markham. He was born in March 1928, grew up on Markham Hill (Hilltop), and died in May 1950 when he was 22. In his memory, Mrs. Joy Markham named the Girls Scout day camp held on Markham Hill during the 1950s and 60s after him: “Gay Day Camp”. Because of Gay’s death, Fayetteville has benefited from Mrs. Joy Markham’s philanthropy during her life and the University of Arkansas has benefited from her generosity after h

Mary Hughes’ Life as a Markham Hill Cabin Dweller in the late 1960s

(written by Mary Hughes and edited by Lisa Orton) Bud Saunders, one of the first persons I knew who lived on Markham Hill in a cabin and who dated my sister in the 1960s, died a few days ago (late June 2019). Instead of paying the very low rent to Mrs. Markham, he cleaned out the swimming pool each year which was quite an ordeal. He would dive down and collect snakes at the bottom. The pool was beautiful but of course no one swam in it. I lived in a cabin on Markham Hill from

Suki Highers’ Life as a Markham Hill Cabin Dweller in the 1990s, written by Suki Highers

Listen Here Having grown up in Little Rock, Arkansas, my move to Markham Hill as a college student was a dramatic shift. I moved into the twin cabins in 1993. They were situated in the front yard with a view of the Archer’s “cabin” and the old big house. My new home consisted of three buildings. One cabin was a living area with a wood burning stove. A friend taught me how to split firewood and how to build a fire, skills a city girl did not need. My second building was a kitc